Scan it!


There is presently a gap between strategy and tradition in education. Some prefer the old methods and others are technology addicts. It is clear that technology offers simpler ways to do a lot of tasks, but, sometime, we feel like technology is becoming a burden and that certain things are just easier to do with a pen and paper like it is explained in this article.

It is now possible to easily mix both methods with the LG LSM-100 mouse scanner. One can take hand written notes and scan them with his mouse to benefits from technology advantages like storing and sharing. This mouse features an easy scan editor, so the user can simply crop the scan to his specific needs. It also features a text recognition to make it easier to transfer text from books to digital documents. This mouse represents the gap closer that students needed to combine the best of both world.

The burden of technology came from the complexity of carrying out simpler tasks like drawing or taking notes. But, with the mouse scanner, it is all on the tip of your finger. Now, student with scanner mouse would really be able to fully enjoy the pros that technology offers. For example, when a student reads a book and needs to use a passage for writing a paper on a computer, instead of typing it all, he can simply scan it and attach it to his file. Here is an example.


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