Ipad: How to maximize their use in class

Ipad based classrooms are a buzz right now in occident. More and more schools start to use ipads as a learning tool to keep up with the technology. Whether you are for or against this new tendency for various reasons, it is impossible to stop innovation from reaching the new generation, so it is better to make the best out of it and that is why schools are integrating ipads in classes. This is why I will only talk about the good reasons to use ipads and how to maximize their use.

iPad sint he classroom infographic

First thing first, young people are thirsty for technology and they absolutely love ipads. As teachers, our role is to keep our students interested in learning and discovering, so using ipads is a great solution to this problem.

In addition to their thirst, the number and the diversity of apps developed for learning purpose is tremendous. There are over 65,000 applications in the appstore, so there is an app for every lesson or situation you can encounter in a classroom. Here is a short list of some useful apps example. Application are made to make learning more interesting and dynamic  with the help of fabulous visual support and direct interaction with the user. So, applications are helpful for students success.

Then there is what I call the everyday-life improvements in classroom. Boring tasks and classroom issues like taking attendance, handing in assignments, classroom management and note taking can be improved and even enjoyable with an ipad. For example, you can use class dojo for a cool class management system, you can use dropbox for assignment submission or you can use Evernote for note sharing.

Finally, I think that ipads are a great tool to add to any second language classrooms because it would enables the students to use everything covered in this blog efficiently.


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