Google Form: A Teacher’s Best Friend

Google form is an incredible teaching tool. Its purpose is to survey a large population and analyse the results by only creating a template of your quiz and sharing it with whoever you want the answer from. This means that it can greatly improve the speed and the ways teachers collect data, feedback, homework, answers or quiz from their students. Google forms helps reducing the amount of work of teachers that really need to catch their breath like it is explained in this article.

The most useful tool in google form is the question type. Because of this feature, Google forms can achieve a lot of different purpose through quizzes of all kind. The first question type is the text, it gives the respondent some freedom by allowing him to write his own answer. The second one is the paragraph text, it’s the same as the text type, but longer. The third one is the multiple choice where the teachers can input as many choices as they want for their students to choose from. The fourth one is checkboxes where the respondent is able to choose more than one answer from a list. The fifth is choose from a list, it is similar to the multiple choice, but it is a scrolling list of answers. The  sixth question type is the scale and it is used when rating is needed. Finally, the grid enables the prompter to make embedded questions with rows and columns. For example, questions that can be answered by never, sometime, always.  There are a few more question types in google forms, but the one covered in this post are the most useful. With this much versatility to work with, teachers are able to build a lot of class material ranging from a survey to learn more about their students to complex quiz about content seen in class. Here is a list of 81 ways to use Google form in class.

Another advantage of Google forms for teacher is its ability to automatically compile answers in tables and graphics. This tool is called the spreadsheet and there are a lot of things that the user can get from it. In fact, the spreadsheet is a big table which contain every answer of the survey from every participant, so on can easily browse the answer. From the spreadsheet you can click on “summary of responses” this will lead you to an automated answer analysis where graphics are made from the answers of every question you made. This tool is really useful to grasp the essence of the survey. It is also possible to automatically correct the answer of a quiz from the spreadsheet like it is explained in this video.



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