Class management

Class management is a part of every teacher’s life, whatever if you have a easy or a more difficult group, you have to establish a good class discipline  so you don’t pass all your teaching time repremending students. A teacher must be able to control his students naturally, just like the alpha in a wolf pack, but, somtimes, it can be tricky and one must use ressources.

Behaviorist studies have shown that the faster the reinforcement, positive or negative, the more efficient it becomes. It means that, in a class situation, students must be rewarded or reprimanded instantly upon their action. Emulation system are a good way to follow those research, but can rapidly become troublesome because of the extra work it takes to establish. This is exactly what class dojo intend to beat, it is a simple, quick and efficient emulation system .

Class dojo is a software that help teachers establish a good class discipline with the behaviorist approach of reinforcement. Every students his own avatar which constitute the classroom. Then, the teacher can add or remove points to students’ avatars according to their behaviour. It is simple and quick, it only takes 2 or 3 clicks on the smartboard or wireless device and students can see and hear why they gained or lost a point on the user interface. The points are recorded  and transformed in statistics so the teacher, the students and the parents can clearly understand what is going on in the class. Recuring behaviour problems become easier to see and correct and good behaviour can be rewarded.

Class dojo is really instanctive to use. First the teacher must create his own account. Then he sets the good and bad behaviour he wants to reinforce, he even has the opportunity of creating his own. Subsequently, he invites his students to join his class dojo, students can customize their avatars at this point which they love to do. This is as hard as it gets to set up, the following is a result of the reinforcement inputed by the teacher. After each class, the teacher, students and parents can access the students’ statistic. It is a great way to involve parents in the discipline.

If you need more information about class dojo, you can check out this video.


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